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Security cameras are the first thing to install when you're looking to increase your property’s or business's security system. If you already have security cameras, then maybe it is time for an upgrade. We provide installation of new cameras and replacement or upgrade of old parts. We provide all types of cameras for all types of situations/needs.

For example:. If you want extra-tough security cameras, then we have vandal-proof security cameras. Vandal-proof security cameras are weather-resistant and do not get damaged easily. If you are worried about someone trying to break into your property when it is dark, install our Color Night Vision Camera. Other advanced cameras from our range include a Nanny Camera, Hidden camera, Infrared camera, Thermal camera, and Pan-Tilt-Zoom camera.

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Security Hawk LLC is full-service surveillance camera installation company proficient in the installation and maintenance of surveillance camera systems. We are fully committed to securing your home or business by using quality cameras that are capable of addressing your unique concerns and that are user friendly. We take pride in our work, therefore, you can rest assured you will get a well-designed, thought out solution that will provide many years of dependable service.

Industrial Grade Products

Security Hawk supplies and installs industrial grade recorders that store and protect your security footage.

Licensed Professionals

Our team is high-qualified, skilled, and licensed agents. All of them are trained according to the latest technologies.

1 Year Warranty

Industry-Leading Manufacturer and Labor Warranties.


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Get notified when someone enters a zone within our cameras range, right on your phone!

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Our application allows you to playback footage to snap pictures or videos instantly.

Unlimited Devices

With our application, there's no restrictions on how many can use it. You can share your cameras footage on multiple devices.

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Surveillance Cameras

"Security Cameras: The eyes in the back of your head"

Standard Installation

  • 1080-4K Resolution
  • Night Vision Up To 100 FT
  • 1080 - 4K DVR/NVR Built In Motion Detection
  • IP67 Rating (Weatherproof)
  • Cable Runs
  • 2 TB Hard Drive
  • Remote Internet Capability Via Smart Phone Or PC
  • 1 Year Warranty (extended warranty available - prices may vary)

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