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Safety Tips for New Home Owners

Congratulations for reaching this sought after milestone, new home owner! 🏡 Now, that you’re settling in, here are some quick pointers that will help you settle in safely.

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  • CHANGE ALL LOCKS: It’s hard to determine how many keys were handed out to conduct realtor viewings and how many copies were not returned; remain floating around. Don’t risk it and change all locks and reset the garage door code.
  • FAMILIARIZE YOURSELF WITH THE AREA: Neighborhood norms such are garbage day, dual-side parking and mail delivery schedules in your zone are important norms to know. The more familiar you are with the norms in your neighborhood, the easier it will be for you to detect anything outside of the norm.
  • GET TO KNOW YOUR NEIGHBORS: Be social and introduce yourself! Good neighbors can be very helpful; if you earn their trust early, they’ll feel comfortable contacting you if anything seems out of the norm when you’re not home.
  • ADDRESS ANY NEEDED REPAIRS: Run full inspections regularly to determine if everything is working properly. Inspecting devices such as smoke and carbon monoxide devices is a good place to start.
  • INSTALL A HOME SECURITY SYSTEM: Have full agency with your home security and schedule to have a home security system professionally installed. Security Cameras are not only the eyes behind your head, they will also help deter burglars from trespassing; if they do, you’ll have the evidence the authorities will need. Burglar Alarms can aide security cameras with alerting you and the authorities when a burglar trespasses from any access point.

Interested in learning how we are protecting homeowners daily with our home security system installation service? Contact us today to schedule a free virtual or on-site estimate.

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